Modern Tech™ Designs

General Information

  • Section Joint: Tongue and Groove joint between sections with Thermal Break
  • Flexible Vinyl Joint Seal
  • 2″ thick High Density EPS, *R=10.4
    * R values are calculated specifically for the colder climates and offer the best long term insulating value.
  • Panel Types / Size
    • Contemporary Flush Smooth
  • Window Types / Sizes
    • Style A (41-1/4″ W x 14-5/16″ H)
    • Style B (41-1/4″ W x 7-5/32″ H)
    • Style C (14-5/16″ W x 14-5/16″ H)
  • Finish: Baked on polyester enamel
  • Colors selection: Black Satin, Dark Bronze, Brushed Nickel and Bright White
  • Bottom weather seal: U-shape loop type vinyl with adjustable aluminum retainer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Download Warranty HERE
    • Download Finishing Instructions HERE

**The actual color may vary from what you are seeing due to processing and the color calibration of your computer monitor.

Black Satin

Black Satin

Dark Bronze

Dark Bronze

Brushed Nickel

Brushed Nickel

Bright White

Bright White


ATFL - Double Door

ATFL – above

ATFR - Single Door

ATFR- above

AFUL - Double Door

AFUL- aboveAI - Double Door

AI- above

AT - Double Door

AT- above

AFL - Double Door

AFL- above

AFL2 - Double Door

AFL2- above

AFR - Double Door

AFR- above

AFR2 - Double Door

AFR2- above

AFLR - Double Door

AFLR- above

AFLRC - Double Door

AFLRC- above

BFL - Double Door

BFL- above

BFL2 - Double Door

BFL2- above

BFLR - Double Door

BFLR- above

BFLRC - Double Door

BFLRC- above

BFR - Double Door

BFR- above

BFR2 - Double Door

BFR2- above

BFUL - Double Door

BFUL- above

BI - Double Door

BI- above

BT - Double Door

BT- above

CFL - Double Door

CFL- above

CFLR - Double Door

CFLR- above

CFLRC - Double Door

CFLRC- above

CFR - Double Door

CFR- above

CLD - Double Door

CLD- above

CRD - Double Door

CRD- above

CLRD - Double Door

CLRD- above

ATFL - Single Door

ATFL- above

ATFR - Single Door

ATFR- above

AT - Single Door

AT – above

AFR - Single Door

AFR – above

AFL - Single Door

AFL -above

AFUL - Single Door

AFUL -above

AI - Single Door

AI – above

BFL - Single Door

BFL – above

BFR - Single Door

BFR – above

BFUL - Single Door

BFUL – above

BI - Single Door

BI – above

BT - Single Door

BT – above

CFL - Single Door

CFL – above

CFL2 - Single Door

CFL2 – above

CFLR - Single Door

CFLR – above

CFLRC - Single Door

CFLRC – above

CFR - Single Door

CFR – above

CFR2 - Single Door

CFR2 – above

CFUL - Single Door

CFUL – above

CI - Single Door

CI – above

CLD - Single Door

CLD – above

CRD - Single Door

CRD – above

CT - Single Door

CT – above

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