Meet Jake

A little ball of fire. So much energy. Pure joy though. We had many walks and so much fun. Not much training going on as Jake had a mind of his own and I just wanted him to have a day of fun each time I took him out. I think you can see for yourself in these pictures.

mollyandjayjay 091 mollyandjayjay 10216595_10200340826347362_371097749_n 525938_10200340825867350_1812794864_n 548730_10200340825387338_654527225_nAll tuckered out from a 8km walk.. What a great day!!!


Jake is now living with an experienced dog home on several hundred acres in the Cariboo.  He has a great outlet for his big dog personality and spends his days outdoors with the family.  He loves to ride on the ATV and they have built him a special box up front so he can supervise their outings.  He is learning to hunt for wild strawberries and mushrooms and loves to play with their huskies and go for long hikes.  We couldn’t be more pleased with this home as they are able to give Jake everything he needs and more.

I will certainly miss the little guy as he found a way into my heart, but this home is a perfect match for him.  And in return, Jake brings them laughter with his silly antics and big dog personality and helps them around the ranch.  Congratulations Jake; we miss you!

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