When I met Rufus his eyes were dead. He was a strapping Rottweiler. He was housed, feed and taken good care of by his rescuer, Chanone the owner of Canine Harmony
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In the 1 1/2 years that I worked with him I saw him blossom to a playful, happy social dog.

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Merry Christmas Rufus: Sent from his new family in their home.. His new owner wrote me a note of thanks

Im so thankful of your love and patience to rufus! He is amazing on walks and listens very well! He is such a big goofball and I am sure he misses you too. Don’t worry about him though because he gets LOTS of love from me and my family! If you see him now, he is a very changed dog. I think living in a home has changed him for the better as he is not as weary of strangers as he used to be. The other day we had a party and new people came over. He ran straight up to them and cuddled into their legs begging for head rubs. hehehe..


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