Commercial / Industrial Repairs & Service

Magnum Door provides superior commercial and industrial service and maintenance programs for shop doors, we also provide complete commercial garage door sales, repair and replacement services throughout the Greater Vancouver Area and the Lower Mainland. We service all brands of commercial and industrial overhead garage/overhead doors and commercial garage/overhead door openers.
We also offer a broad range of sectional and rolling steel doors, fire rated doors as well as doors to fit unique door opening sizes.

Here is a before and after. This door was hit by a boom truck. Looks destroyed  Not so.  Just to give you an idea of the magic of our experienced door technicians. The door was one of many in a fenced compound. So the company could get the boom truck out and still use the door till they decide if they just want to block the 1 broken window and use or replace it.







IMG00376-20140130-1115 IMG00377-20140130-1116



Here is a customer’s before and after. We were called in to look at a door that was giving a new customer problems.  Here are the before and after.

Before : The customer was having problems with the operation of this door. Broken coupler with taped in key stock. At 26′ and not likely that the owners will notice it. Our technician spotted it right away on our inspection


After – Now the door is working smoothly.


Here is another before and after. Door with problems.

Before:  Hollow shaft and even with the bearing.

Before 2..Opposite end from chain hoist. Hollow shaft barely flush with bearingAfter: Solid shaft and it extends past the bearing.  Door is running smoothly. 🙂

After.2..Opposite form chain hoist. Solid shaft sticking trough bearing



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