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Meet our newest door – The Contemporary

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Sleek and effortlessly modern,

Steel-Craft’s Contemporary Series offers the look, feel and texture of real wood without the maintenance issues. The door’s clean finish fills a growing demand in the market for designer-inspired products. This climate-ready insulated steel door has an R-Value of 16.04 and an exterior that won’t require staining or painting.

The Contemporary Series features Steel-Craft’s uncompromising durability and function. This climate-ready insulated steel door has an exterior that won’t require staining or painting. Unlike real wood, it will not warp, shrink, peel or crack making it ideal for the Canadian Climate. Our unnecessary warranty covers all Contemporary doors.


Sable Grey

Note: The accuracy of the colors displayed may vary depending on the settings of your monitor. To obtain an exact color reference, please contact the office 604-530-8535





Glass Colour

Available in White, Sable Grey, Espresso and Black window frames.


Elite Glass:



Contemporary Series Window Options – 24″ x 6″

Espresso and Black

Clear View Sealed Glass
Satin Texture Sealed Glass
Bronze Tint Sealed Glass

Window Placement Options

Full Section Stacked
Top Section Stacked
Bottom Section Stacked

Window Alignment Options

Left Stacked Vertical Column 24” x 6”
Right Stacked Vertical Column 24” x 6”
Top Section 38″ x 14″ or 26″ x 14″

Note: Bottom section window will only be installed on the top of the section

Contemporary doors are 1-3/4” thick and come in standard heights of 6′ through 18′, with the standard headroom requirement of 12″. Low headroom kits are available. For 18-foot-wide doors, the maximum height is 8′.

Door Size Chart
Height of Door Number of 21″ Panels Number of 24″ Panels Total Panels
6′   3 3
7′ 4   4
7’3″ 3 1 4
7’6″ 2 2 4
7’9″ 1 3 4
8′   4 4
8’9″ 5   5
9′ 4 1 5
9’3″ 3 2 5
9’6″ 2 3 5
9’9″ 1 4 5
10′   5 5

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