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Self-expression at it’s finest and it shouldn’t cost a fortune. With the Amarr Oak Summit collection, it won’t. Our most affordable carriage house door, built with our Safe Guard system. Available in over 70 attractive designs.
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Long Panel Bead Board

Long Panel Bead Board with Moonlite windows and Blue Ridge handles and hinges, in True White.

4 different door designs, 22 different top sections and 11 different colours to choose from.

Available in

1000 Single-Layer : Steel

 2000 Double -Layer :  Steel

3000 Triple-Layer :  Steel

Bead Board

Bead Board Panel with Mission DecraGlass and Blue Ridge Handles and Hinges, in Golden Oak dual-directional woodgrain. Available in 300 0 construction only.

Recessed Panel

Recessed Panel with Arched Thames Windows in Walnut dual-dir

ectional woodgrain. Available in 3000 construction only.

Raised Panel

Raised Panel with Jardin DecraGlass in Mahogany dual-directional woodgrain. Available in 3000 construction only



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